Galganov's Recipe For Making Easy, Chocolate-Brownie Sundae

To make this Chocolate Brownie Sundae recipe you will need:
  • ice cream scoop or soup spoon to dole out the ice cream
  • rolling pin, knife or other device to crush or chop peanuts (we prefer to use the heel of our hand)
The ingredients (per serving) required to make this Chocolate Brownie Sundae recipe are:

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Chocolate Brownie Sundae Method


  1. Place your favourite brownie on the plate.
  2. Prepare 1 recipe of our Fast and Easy Chocolate Sauce per  serving.
  3. Heap ice cream over the brownie.
  4. Pour chocolate sauce over ice cream - allowing it to flow down to the plate.
  5. Top with chopped nuts and serve promptly.
Chocolate-brownie Sundae tips:
  • Dice the brownie into 1/2" (1.5 cm) cubes and drop part over the top of the ice cream as well - before you pour the chocolate sauce on - for a fun and easy to eat sundae.

The Background Story
The Chocolate-Brownie Sundae

Chocolate Brownie Sundae

How many ways are there to have brownies?

How many ways are there to enjoy chocolate?

How many ways are there to serve ice cream?

Questions, questions, questions! It's chocolate and it's ice cream! What more do we need to know?

The Brownie Sundae is a fun sundae! You can use any kind of brownie you like. We prefer a chocolate brownie with chocolate chunks and nuts (we like chocolate).

We also like, though, the cooling and contrasting flavor of the vanilla ice cream against the warm chocolate flavours sandwiching that cool, vanilla ice cream, HOWEVER, the Triple Chocolate Sundae Rush is nice, sometimes, too! For a real chocolate rush, try this sundae idea with chocolate ice cream - one of the most completely satisfying chocolate sundaes you'll find anywhere!

Of course, you can try this delightful sundae whith any variety of brownie you like best!

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