Galganov's Easy Recipe for Great Fillings and Garnishes for Crepes!
Scrambled Omelet

This recipe is written to fill two (2) 7" (18 cm) crepes

To make this Scrambled Omelet Crepe Filling/Garnish recipe you will need:
  • a frying pan
  • a knife and chopping board
  • a bowl
  • a fork or spoon to mix the raw ingredients
  • a spatula or cooking spoon
The required ingredients for the Scrambled Omelet filling are:
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 to 2 Tbs water
  • vegetable and/or meat ingredients as you prefer
  • butter, margarine or oil for frying

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  1. Add water to egg and beat until smooth (avoid frothing the egg - do not over-beat).
  2. Dice ingredients to about 1/4" (.7 cm) or a little larger.
  3. Stir diced ingredients into egg until well integrated. These added ingredients will overwhelm the egg - and that's fine.
  4. Heat your pan on low-medium-low heat (hot enough to cook the egg slowly).
  5. Add your choice of fat (ie, butter, margarine or oil) and coat the pan well.
  6. Add egg mixture to the pan stirring it regularly so as to break it up into a "scramble" and not let it stick to the pan.
  7. Roll a little less than half the ingredients into one crepe.  Then repeat with the second crepe - reserving a little filling as garnish.
  8. Plate and serve hot!

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quebecois crepe filling

Alternate serving suggestions:

One crepe per plate with a piece of smoked fish and some fresh vegetables and/or fruit (lettuce with tomato slices shown here).
Prepare two plates this way to create a satisfying breakfast for two - from a single egg.
Two crepes (still only a single egg), a piece of smoked fish and fresh vegetables and/or fruit (lettuce with tomato slices shown here).
A big, satisfying breakfast prepared for someone with a busy, active day ahead!

The Background Story
The Scrambled Omelet Crepe

This is a wonderful crepe - ideal for breakfast, brunch or a satisfying snack. This preparation delivers a hearty meal from a single egg.

This crepe may be served alone or along with something else (as pictured on this page). It is quite wonderful with a piece of fish on the side.  It may be served with a bit of fresh fruit ... or any number of ways.

While we like to fill this crepe with a little red onion, mushroom, sweet bell pepper (any colour we have handy - they're all quite wonderful), tomato, a few peas (we like to use frozen peas) and just a little salami, you can fill your crepe any way that pleases you. A bit of brocolli can be nice, for example; or spice it up with a little finely diced jalapeno pepper ... or even a bit of diced emental or jarlesbourg (or what ever your favourite cheese may be).  This highly adaptable crepe filling can be prepared as a vegetarian delight or you can hash in your favourite breakfast meat.

We find this dish doesn't need any seasoning.  We get a full range of flavours from the ingredients (including sufficient salt from the sausage we like to use). The addition of most cheeses will also contribute enough salt to the dish without adding any, however, you may choose, still to add some salt and/or pepper.  (We still never find we need added seasoning with this dish.)

This recipe is a delight with a white crepe or with light, whole wheat crepes.

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